How Aaron Maintains a Fuller Beard and Healthy Hair

We spoke to our Founder, Aaron to learn more about what he does to maintain his healthy afro hair and grow a fuller, thicker beard. Here is what he has to say about his routine


Aaron Starts With a Cleanse

I always begin my routine with a cleanse. Using warm water I wet the hair (and beard) and then apply a small amount of Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Shampoo. Using my fingertips I give my scalp a massage to remove debris and also begin to gently detangle the hair and beard.

Sometimes if the hair is dirty you will get less lather, this is because the shampoo binds to the dirt, on these days I'll go in with a second rinse to get more lather and remove any left-over dirt. Otherwise one rinse is fine – but never three!


Aaron Then Conditions

Next, I condition my hair using the Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Conditioner. This is one thing I think many men overlook but is actually the secret to healthy hair and beard. Conditioners improve the actual physical condition of each strand of hair, smoothing out the surface of the hair which makes it glossier, less prone to tangling and allows moisture to stay in the hair longer.

If you’re not using a conditioner the small outer layer of your hair is more likely to become frazzled and frayed which allows your hair to lose moisture faster, which is what leads to dryness and breakages. Once applied, I leave the conditioner in for 5 minutes and then rinse.

I don’t dry the hair fully, instead I like to pat dry for the most part and let the rest air dry.

Try to avoid using a blow-dryer, especially the heated ones.


Moisturising Daily is Essential

Next step is to moisturise, Afro hair requires a lot of moisture, especially after a shampoo so this is when I would apply our Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Moisturiser to keep the hair soft and healthy. Whilst applying I would also begin to gently detangle the hair some more using my fingers, being very careful not to tug or yank through any knots but to gently untwist them or break at the tips if necessary – tugging breaks the hair at the root.

After I’ve detangled with my fingers I then go in with the comb and comb/style the hair how I wish, I prefer a metal pick comb to a plastic or wooden one, as I feel they allow for less tugging on the hair.


The Perfect Finishing Touch

The last step is to apply Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Oil to the hair and beard, this provides the perfect finishing touch and acts as a sealant to keep all of that moisture locked into the hair for longer. It’s been designed to mimic the body’s naturally produced sebum oil, which due to our coils does not always reach the end of the strand of hair – resulting in breakage and split ends.

Finally, I run through the comb once more, followed by a brush to move the oil through my hair and beard. Then I’m good to go!


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