4 Ways for Black Men Protect Their Hair & Beard This Winter

The winter can be a harsh time for our skin but also for our hair and beard as Black men. In fact, there are studies that show that beards tend to grow slower during the winter time than it does during the summer time.


For those of us with afro textured hair and bears the winter elements can be especially harsh. As if taking care of afro hair and beards as a whole  is not labour intensive enough, we need to take extra care during the winter months when our hair and beard textures are extra susceptible to dryness.


Thankfully there are simple steps you can take to ensure your hair and beard health during these harsh months. Here are our 4 tips on how you can care for afro textured hair and beards during the winter.


1. Protect your hair & beard with silk

Wrapping is not just for women. Us men can also benefit greatly from wrapping our hair and beards at night. Silk is a great way to avoid friction breaking our hair strands. Afro hair and its coils are especially at risk of getting caught in our nightwear, pillows and cover.


2. Moisturise and Seal

You will want to moisturize as much as you can. Normally we would advise moisturising once a day but during the winter period you might want to double up on that. Once in the morning and once in the evenings, to stop your hair/beard from drying up. 

For the best result you should seal in all that moisture with an oil!


3. Limit Heat Treatment in The Winter – for Black Men

Heat dries out the hair on a normal day but the impact during the winter months can be exacerbated, so you will want to minimise this where possible.

An example is using a towel instead of heat to dry. Yes, this may take a little longer but it is worth it if it means avoiding breakage in the long term.


4. Drink lots of Water

To be honest this is applicable all year round. Healthy hair and beard starts from the inside. What you eat and drink makes such a huge difference to the health of your hair and beard. Water is the key in this, drinks plenty of water all year round.


The products you choose to use have the biggest impact on your hair and your beard but a constant care routine is equally as important.

Aaron Wallace products have been formulated specifically to ensure healthy growth


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