blackseed oil benefits for afro hair

Hair and beard care for black men

Why Blackseed Oil?

We knew we wanted to create something special for Black men, so we dedicated ourselves to researching and finding the best natural ingredients with known benefits for men with afro hair. Blackseed Oil: almost mythical in nature, is commonly referred to as Nigella Sativa, and known as “The cure for everything except death” due to its amazing health benefits. Blackseed Oil has been used for thousands of years for healing and medicinal purposes, having been mentioned by Greek philosophers and ancient texts alike. It was even discovered in King Tut’s tomb. Over 630 peer-reviewed studies have found it to contain over 100 elements of proteins, alkaloids and saponins. When it comes to afro hair care, Blackseed is highly emollient, meaning it effectively penetrates the follicles and cuticles of your hair and beard to achieve maximum hydration. Extensive studies have also shown it to have restorative properties that feed and nourish the scalp. With its antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties it’s also highly effective in reducing flaking and combating the environmental causes of early hair loss.

Afro hair care for men

Why Mango Butter?

When it comes to men with afro hair textures, a lack of moisture is the leading cause of issues including poor growth, patchiness, scalp issues and breakage.

Many products on the shelves do not contain enough of the nutrients needed to effectively penetrate and nourish afro hair types. Most actually do more harm than good by in fact stripping the hair of what it needs for healthy growth.

The outer layer of your hair is known as the cuticle, this is made of overlapping cells that strengthen and protect the hair shaft. On men with afro and curly hair types, these cuticles are naturally raised and do not lay flat, as a result they lose moisture at a much faster rate and tangles far easier.

Mango Butter is packed with fatty acids and vitamins, it is a moisture rich food for your hair and your beard, which protects the cuticle from damage and is especially advantageous in moisture retention. It strengthens the outer layer of your hair and beard to protect it from environmental damage. Creating softer, plumper afro hair, that is less prone to tangles and breakage caused by everyday brushing and combing.

mango butter for afro hair care


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