4 Things to Look for When Buying Beard Products for Black Men

We often get asked about what the best beard products for black men are, and how to search for them. The first thing to always remember is that growing a healthy beard takes a multi-faceted approach, using the right products matters, yes, but so does having a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and remaining consistent.

One of the biggest causes of beard breakages is dryness, which is especially pertinent when it comes to afro-hair textures. Because of the curly/coily nature of our hair strands, the natural oil called sebum that your body produces, struggles to reach the end of the hair strand, causing them to dry out.

There is no point in growing a beard if it is not healthy because it will just end up breaking, so make sure you focus on making sure it is healthy first and foremost.

Here are some of the things to look out for when shopping around for beard care products.


1. Best Ingredients for Beard Growth

You will likely plan to use your beard care products often, even daily when it comes to Beard Moisturisers and Beard Oils, so it is critical that you take your time to look at the ingredients. You will want to make sure they are safe and healthy. Avoid chemicals like Sulphates and Parabens, which have a drying effect on the hair and cause damage. Your beard products should contain only natural ingredients that are high in nutrients and other nourishing properties that will help your beard not only grow, but remain healthy. Black Seed Oil and Mango Butter are great ingredients to look out for.


2. The Texture and thickness of your Beard

It is a good idea to understand your beard hair texture, which may differ from that on your head. The thickness and the texture of it are two different things to look at, texture refers to whether your hair is fine or coarse, which is different to thickness. When you examine the hair strands under a microscope, you will find that fine hair has a smoother cuticle to coarse hair which tends to be more rigid and therefore in need of more moisture, and a richer formula – because it’s harder to get into the shaft. For coarse/coily/tightly curly hair, the Black Seed Oil and Mango Butter combination is perfect, as one is highly emollient (meaning it penetrates the cuticles for maximum hydration) and the other is packed with fatty acids and vitamins for maximum moisture retention 


3. Scented or Unscented Beard Products for Black Men

Fragrances are something to be considered when picking your Beard Oil in particular as it may determine how you smell for the entire day. If you are someone who wears cologne then you may want to avoid heavily scented products as these will interact with your cologne. However, if you are someone who prefers to get a little scent from their Beard Oil then you should try to aim for Oils that have their fragrances made up of essential oils, instead of synthetic fragrances. You will also need to be aware of any allergies you may have to particular fragrances commonly used in men’s beard products.


4. Your Beard Care Routine

We always drive home the point that consistency matters a great deal when it comes to healthy beard growth. It is therefore important that you adopt a routine that  fits well in your lifestyle and can be easily maintained. The beard care routine you have will also help you decide which products are best for you. Do you condition often? Or do you wash and go? Some products have been formulated for a specific purpose, ie. deep conditioners, which require more time to use effectively. Whilst others may be formulated for quick top-up usage, ie leave-in conditioners. Establish what your routine looks like and how much time you plan to be spending on your beard care.

We have formulated the best hair and beard products for Black men to better care for their hair, beard and skin. We know what it takes to grow a softer, stronger and healthier beard.


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