Black Men’s Hair: 3 Reasons Black Seed Oil Is Perfect

When we formed Aaron Wallace we knew we wanted to create something special, so we dedicated ourselves to researching and finding the best natural ingredients with known benefits for Afro Hair. This led us to the discovery of the famed Black Seed Oil. Almost mythical in nature it is commonly referred to as Nigella Sativa, and known as “The cure for everything except death” due to its amazing health benefits.


Black Seed Oil has been used for thousands of years for healing and medicinal purposes, having been mentioned by Greek philosophers and ancient texts alike. It was even discovered in King Tut’s tomb. Over 630 peer-reviewed studies have found it to contain over 100 elements of proteins, alkaloids and saponins.


When it comes to Afro hair, Black Seed is highly emollient, meaning it effectively penetrates the follicles and cuticles of your hair to achieve maximum hydration. Extensive studies have also shown it to have restorative properties that feed and nourish the scalp.


If that is not enough to convince you of the incredible benefits of Black Seed oil, then maybe the following 3 facts are:


Black Seed Oil Can Help Your Hair Grow

Black Seed Oil contains Thymoquinone, which is a powerful antihistamine. Antihistamines are sometimes prescribed to some patients suffering from alopecia. Black Seed Oil has the ability to help with re-growing hair in certain thinning areas on your scalp.

It also contains Linoleic acid which helps stimulate hair growth, maintain healthy scalp conditions and control water loss, which is hugely important to afro hair growth.


Black Seed Oil Helps Prevent Grey Hair

Black Seed Oil contains Linoleic acid that prevents the reduction of pigment cells in your follicles which is what is the cause of greying hair. Your hair turning grey is a natural part of the aging process but there are ways you can slow this process down


Black Seed Oil Can Help With Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair or razor bumps happen when your hair grows back into the skin causing irritation, puss build up and inflammation. This often leads to itchy, painful bumps on the skin. Black Seed Oil helps soothe inflammation, is high in antioxidants and has high antimicrobial properties.

This is exactly why we intentionally selected Black Seed Oil as one of our hero ingredients and can therefore be found in all our products. 


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