Beard Guide for Black Men: Grow Your Beard in 30 Days

A Beard Growth Guide for Black Men 

So you would like to how to grow a beard in 30 days? Growing a beard is for the dedicated and consistent of men amongst us. We at Aaron Wallace are big believers in team #BeardGang. One of the many questions we often get from customer is: How do I start growing my beard?

To help you on the way, we have put together a handy 30-day plan you can instantly implement so that you too can be the proud owner of a thick, healthy and full beard.

Let’s start with an inventory checklist, these are the must have products for any black man wanting to grow a healthy beard:


  • Shampoo – Keeping your beard clean is important as this prevents product build up and blocked pores which can lead to skin irritations
  • Conditioner – Your beard will need lots of nourishment and hydration to prevent breakages and maintain thickness in your beard
  • Moisturiser – Afro hair types get extremely dry very fast, daily moisturising will help avoid this and keep your beard feeling nice and soft
  • Beard Oil – This is to add shine to your beard as well as lock in moisture. Designed to mimic Sebum which is already naturally produced by your skin but rarely reaches the ends of your beards hair strands
  • Brush – Great for styling and to keep your beard looking neat as it grows

Week 1: First Stage of Beard Growth

This week it’s not so much about what you should be doing as it is about what your should NOT be doing. No matter what happens, you should resist the urge to shave, trim or cut your beard.

Your beard will likely look weird at this stage and feel even weirder, but do not dare touch it! It’s all part of the process. You need to get a sense of the shape of your beard so it’s important at this stage to just let it go.

After day 3 your beard will probably start to itch and as annoying as this is, avoid itching as this will irritate the area. Invest in a Beard Oil instead to help keep it soft and smooth

Week 2: Avoiding an Itchy Beard

The word for this week is observation. Try to get a sense of the shape of your beard, look for where it’s patchy and where it’s thick. This will help you eventually determine which style will suit you best. Beard growth is still number one priority at this stage so fight the urge to trim it or clean the edges.

Some may want to start using supplements at this stage although our Beard Oil contain added Vitamin E, which aids in hair growth. The itching will likely continue at this stage too so keep applying the oil to your beard daily.


Week 3: Start Training your Beard

The hardest part is now over. The itching should have calmed down by now and your scruff should start taking shape. At this point you will want to start using a cleanser to keep your beard nice and clean. You need to develop a routine so that you can remain consistent in your care. Shampoo and condition once or twice a week.

Start to train your beard using a beard brush and you can now start trimming patchy areas but be sure not to trim any hairs you intend to keep.

Week 4:  No More Itchy Beard

Congratulations! This is the first major milestone and your beard should be taking shape. The itching should have gone by now and the patches should have filled up.

It is now time to choose a beard style that suits you and stick to it. Stay on top of your grooming routine by washing and conditioning once or twice a week and applying the Moisturiser and Beard Oil daily.


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