4 Ways for Black Men to Stop Beard Breakages

Beard breakages can be reversed. Growing out a beard is a long journey that requires time, patience and dedication. It is therefore no wonder that we get lots of questions like “how do I stop my beard from breaking”? After having spent so much time and money growing and maintaining your beard, the last thing you want to see is breakages threatening to undo all that progress.

All Black men, at some point during their beard journey will experience a slow down in growth and in some cases even breakages. This is completely normal and luckily not permanent.

There are ways to get your beard growing healthily again and to reverse some of the damage. Here are 4 of those things that you can do to stop your beard from breaking


1. Hydration is key for Afro hair

Afro hair is especially prone to dryness and this is because the curly nature of our hair prevents the naturally produced sebum from our skin to reach the ends of our hair strands. Dryness is one of the biggest reasons our hair and beard breaks.

Make sure you are giving your beard plenty of moisture by using a natural daily moisturiser. Be liberal and don’t forget to top up during the day if your beard starts to feel dry again, especially during the dry-summer months.


2. Consistency Matters for Beard Growth

Developing a care routine is paramount when it comes to healthy beard maintenance and staying consistent is essential. 

You should be washing your beard and conditioning it twice a week. Whilst it’s obvious that shampooing is important for general cleanliness and hygiene, it’s worth noting the importance of conditioning afro hair too. Conditioners help restore health, lock in moisture, nourish and soften.

You should complement this routine by applying a moisturizer on a daily basis, followed by a good Beard oil to lock in all that moisture.


3. A Healthy Diet Helps Prevent Beard Breakages

Never forget that it all starts from the inside. Hair, whether on the head or on the beard, just like the rest of your body, depends on specific vitamins and minerals to grow and remain healthy. What you eat matters a lot when it comes to hair growth.

The next thing you will want to bear in mind is to drink lots of water! Water is essential for good health in general, and is especially beneficial if you’re trying to improve your beard growth. The cause of poor beard growth is often due to poor nutrition and the best thing you can do is get more water in your diet. The recommended daily amount is 9 glasses of water for women, and 13 glasses for men.


4. Trim Your Beard Frequently

This might feel counterintuitive but trimming is an important part of healthy beard maintenance. Regularly trimming your beard helps prevent split ends and dryness which contributes to breakages. 

When trimming your beard be sure to use the right tools to avoid causing any damage. If a weekly trip to the barbershop is not an option for you then you will want to invest in a good beard trimmer and a pair of stainless steel beard trimming scissors to help you maintain your beard.


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