Why All Black Men Need Hair Conditioners

Washing your hair is important and black men should try to make sure they shampoo their hair at least twice a week to prevent product build up, which in turn affects your hair growth.

What often gets overlooked is the importance of conditioning your afro textured hair. Ideally you should be conditioning it daily, either using a washout or leave-in conditioner.


The reason conditioners are so essential to black hair is because it locks in much needed moisture, nourishes the follicles and repairs/prevents damage to the hair. Afro hair is particularly prone to dryness and breakage which means it’s especially important to do as much as you can to keep it hydrated.


There are many conditioners on the market, depending on your need. The key points to keep in mind are that:


  • Conditioners restore damaged hair
    Regular and consistent use can repair damaged hair follicles and provide protection from future damage. One of the number one causes of damage in Afro textured hair is dryness.
  • They lock in much needed moisture
    Afro hair gets dry easily and often has trouble holding onto moisture which leads to split ends. Conditioners are great against this as they form a coating around the hair which locks in moisture for longer.
  • They add a healthy shine to your hair
    When your hair is healthy, it shows. You can see a clear difference between a healthy head of hair and a damaged one. Conditioning often will get your hair looking healthy.
  • They help your hair become and stay healthy
    Weather conditions, heat treatments and other things we do to our hair is very damaging. Using conditioners often will reverse of the effects and in some cases prevent them all together.
  • They soften your hair, making it easier to comb
    Moisturised and hydrated hair is easier to comb, detangles easier and minimises breakage.

To get the most out of your Aaron Wallace Deeply Nourishing Conditioner, we recommend leaving it in your hair for 5 minutes before washing it out. You will instantly feel it working and after consistent use, you hair will feel softer and look healthier.



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