5 Signs Your Afro Hair is Healthy and Strong

The most damaged hair is easy to spot but how do you know that what you’re doing works? How can you tell that your hair is healthy? or at least on the right track.


Healthy afro textured hair has tell-tale signs that indicate whether your hair is healthy or damaged. When black hair is healthy, it becomes stronger and this leads to less breakage. Here are the 5 signs to look out for when checking the health status of your hair.


1. Shrinkage

Although many are not a fan, shrinkage is a good sign. It shows that your hair is getting the moisture it needs and is well hydrated. One of the issues black men have with their hair is the fact that afro hair has a tendency to be much dryer and prone to breakage as a result of the lack of moisture. This is why shrinkage is one of the best indicators of your hairs health.

Shrinkage is the result of elasticity in your hair and shows the curl structure is still in place, which means better protection against breakage. Keep using our Deeply Nourishing Hair & Beard Conditioner and Softening Hair & Beard Moisturiser on a regular basis to maintain your hair.


2. Shine

Your hair’s natural shine is another excellent indicator of its health. When afro hair is damaged, it becomes dull and drab looking and loses its beautiful shine. To check how your hair is doing, grab a small section right after you have washed it and before you put anything in your hair. Take a close look in the mirror and try to judge whether you notice your hair as being shiny or dull.

Dull hair can be an indicator of damage.


3. Elasticity

Hair that breaks when being tugged or that stretches lifelessly lacks keratin. Elasticity is what is responsible for your curls, its body, its bounce and the curls framework and retention. This links in with the point on shrinkage, you want your hair to have a nice bounce to it, so that when you tug or stretch it and let go, it bounces back into a curl. When afro hair lacks elasticity it becomes prone to damage and breakage.


4. Softness

Healthy afro hair is soft to the touch. When your hair is adequately hydrated and moisturised, you will feel it when you touch it. Your hair should feel nice and soft. To check this, you will want to feel your hair in it’s natural state so after you have washed it and before you put any products in it.


5. Fullness

Although this is difficult to measure as each strand has its own texture, curl diameter, density and thickness, the fullness of your hair is a good indicator of its health. the best way to determine fullness is by evaluating your hair when it’s product free and in its natural state. You will then be able to notice areas that seem thinner or that have suffered breakage/damage.

The important thing to always remember is to remain consistent. Maintaining healthy hair takes work but a good haircare routine that is followed consistently will help you stay on top of it. Start with knowing how often you should be washing your hair.


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