Superdrug Launches Aaron Wallace, Britain’s Leading Black Male Grooming Brand, In Store Nationwide

The brand further cements its place as Britain’s leaders in men’s afro hair and skincare


London, UK: Aaron Wallace today announces its launch into one of Britain's best known highstreet retailers, Superdrug. This partnership will make Superdrug the exclusive highstreet stockist of the fast growing Black male grooming brand and will see Aaron Wallace’s hair and skin care products on shop shelves across the United Kingdom.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Superdrug. This deal will ensure that, as Black men, we no longer need to go out of our way to search for hair and beard care products that work” says CEO and Co-founder, Aaron Wallace. “For so long, we have had to either create our own mixes in our kitchens or simply ignore our hair and beard issues, because there were no available solutions on the market. We are changing that, not only by creating products that are good for afro hair, but by also making sure those products are accessible".

Black men often feel overlooked by the male grooming industry and Aaron Wallace is here to change that, by putting them at the forefront of everything they do. 

“In the last year we have seen a huge boom in skin and haircare and as a result more Black men are searching for solutions that work specifically for their unique hair and skin types” says Wallace. “Our goal is to highlight the importance of self-care among Black men while becoming a staple in their grooming routines, educating them on the importance of caring for their hair and skin.”

Building on the huge success Aaron Wallace has seen with Sainsbury’s, the brand is confident this Superdrug deal will generate similar results. “We are filling a huge gap in the market and retailers like Superdrug are taking advantage of this opportunity”, says co-founder and Marketing Director Lina Barker, “We know that our customers enjoying shopping directly with us online but also love the option to quickly nip to their local highstreet to top up and that is why working with retailers like Superdrug is so important to us”.

From today the Aaron Wallace Hydrating Hair & Beard Shampoo, Deeply Nourishing Hair & Beard Conditioner, Softening Hair & Beard Moisturiser, Hair & Beard Oil, Exfoliating and Detoxifying Cleanser, Clear Shave Gel and Revitalising Facial Moisturiser will roll out in Superdrug stores nationwide.



About Aaron Wallace: Aaron Wallace is a hair and skincare line tailored for Black men with afro textured hair and melanated skin. Our unique formula contains ingredients that  cleanse the hair without stripping out natural oils, strengthening even the coarsest of hair types while drawing attention to a demographic often forgotten by a multi-billion dollar grooming industry. Our goal is to offer Black men and men with textured hair a solution to be confident in. Shop for products via our exclusive supermarket partner Sainsbury’s.


About Superdrug: We are the UK’s second-largest beauty and health retailer. With over 830 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland – including 200 in-store pharmacies – we provide a huge range of beauty and health services and the very best in patient care.

Our purpose is to be the best for everyday and accessible beauty. We are totally committed to bringing innovation and the latest styles and trends to the high street at fantastic prices.

For more information, please contact

Contact: Lina Barker

Company: Aaron Wallace



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