How To Stop An Itchy Beard

There are few things that come close to the level of irritation an itchy beard can cause. In fact, many Black men stop growing their beard in the early stages because the itchiness gets so severe that it causes skin irritations.


When you first start growing your beard, you will likely experience itchiness while the hairs are coming through. This is because the sharp new hairs irritate the skin. However, this should get less and less over time as the hair grows longer.


If you have a long beard and still experience itchiness then it may be as a result of damaged hair or dead skin cells that get stuck on to the hairs and as they grow out end up rubbing against the skin, leading to irritation


Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the itch and possibly even get rid of it all together.


Clean and wash your beard to stop itchiness

Just as the hair on your head needs to be cleaned, so too does your beard. Wash it using a chemical free shampoo. For tips on how often you should wash it, you should check out our beard washing post.


The human skin sheds thousands of dead skin cells on a daily basis and this happens on our face too. New beards can catch these cells and cause it to rub against the skin as the hair grows, causing irritation. Washing your beard will eliminate dead cells and keep your skin nice and clean.


Repairing and moisturising your beard

If your beard hairs are already long and you’re still suffering from incessant itchiness, then there is a chance that this is the result of damaged hair follicles.  Damaged hair causes a slow down in growth and will likely travel down the hair follicles to the skin where it starts to cause irritation.


Damaged hair is largely caused by neglected, dry hair. Moisturising daily with a good beard product will keep your hair follicles nourished and soft, minimizing your chances of getting more split ends or causing more damage to your hair.


Condition your beard to reduce itchiness

Many black men underestimate just how valuable conditioners are. They help lock in much needed moisture directly in to the hair follicles, keeping them soft and nourished for longer.


We advise that with each shampooing session you have, you make sure you condition it afterwards to keep your beard and the skin beneath it nice and soft


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