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The Aaron Wallace Skincare System has been tailored specifically for melanated skin types using a blend of the finest botanical oils, luxury butters and vegan friendly natural ingredients, to help prevent ingrown hair and reduce the appearance of razor bumps.

Our rich yet light and absorbent arrangements leave the skin smooth and hydrated throughout the day without it feeling oily.

This streamlined 3-step routine cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises to create healthy, hydrated skin and a natural melanin glow.

  • Prevents breakages
  • Soothes scalp conditions
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reverse hair damage
  • Grow thicker, healthier hair and beard
  • Smoother, nourished skin
  • Prevent ingrown hair
  • Reduce appearance of hyperpigmentation 
  • Reduce appearance of razor bumps

We use only the best quality ingredients that are natural, vegan friendly and are really good for curly and afro hair textures.

Water-Based formulation: Provides vital hydration, weightless moisture, and versatility for easy styling, ensuring healthy, manageable, and voluminous hair without greasiness or product buildup

Blackseed Oil: Nourishes and moisturises, promotes hair growth, and soothes scalp conditions, making it a valuable ingredient for maintaining healthy and vibrant afro hair

Mango Butter: Deep moisturisation and nourishment, as well as protection and strengthening of hair strands. Helps maintaining healthy and resilient hair

Castor Oil: Promotes hair growth by nourishing the scalp and strengthening the hair follicles, while also moisturising and conditioning the hair, leading to improved texture, reduced breakage, and enhanced overall hair health

Jojoba Beads: Is a gentle yet effective exfoliant as their round shape removes dead skin cells without the harshness of typical abrasives with sharp edges like nutshells or plastic beads. Jojoba beads are very mild and gentle on the skin, making them ideal for all skin types, including sensitive



  1. Exfoliate and cleanse daily. Apply to wet skin. Rub in a circular motion across entire face, including the skin under the beard. Rinse with warm water
  2. When shaving, apply clear shave to shaving area and shave as usual. Rince with warm water
  3. Moisturiser daily. Apply to clean dry skin and massage across the face. No need to rinse


Exfoliating & Detoxifying Cleanser: Botanical AHA’s and Jojoba Beads, gently detoxify, exfoliate and softly clear clogged pores while being gentle on the skin.

Reduces the risk and appearance of ingrown hair and leaves skin feeling polished with a natural melanin glow.

Clear Shave Gel: A gliding blend of French Lavender, natural oils and humectants designed to lubricate the razor for the smoothest shave possible. Transparent gel for more accurate shaving. 


Revitalising Facial Moisturiser: Vitamin enriched yet absorbent Moisturiser protects the skins barrier with natural lipids. Invigorates skin leaving it smooth and hydrated without it feeling oily.