Beard Care Kit: 4 Must Have Products for Black Men

Whether you started growing your beard in the last 30 days or have been growing it for some time, it is always important to make sure that your beard care kit is armed with the best possible products to promote healthy beard growth. Black men are particularly prone to breakage due to our afro hair textures so having the right products is absolutely essential.


Growing a beard takes time and dedication and is something that requires a lot of patience. Along the way you will likely encounter many issues, like breakage and patchy beard growth but it is important to remain patient and stay consistent.

So here is a list of 4 must have items in your beard kit, with an explanation of why you must make sure you have these products in your kit.


1. Shampoo

Just like the hair on your head, your beard too needs to be washed and kept clean. Especially as your beard starts to grow longer in length, you will start to attract more dirt and dust particles which will end up clogging your pores.

Get your hands on a good beard shampoo that will help you keep your facials healthy and clean. Failing that, you could use a gentle hair shampoo on your beard instead, as long as it does not contain harsh chemicals that could cause irritation to the skin on your face.


2. Conditioner

We always recommend to condition your beard too after each wash, just as you should after shampooing the hairs on your head.

Conditioners are great as they help lock in moisture and keep your hair follicles nicely hydrated in the process. Not to mention, the softening properties often found in conditioners, which work particularly well on afro-hair textures.


3. Beard Oil or Balm

Our preferred product is a beard oil that contains Castor Oil, like our High Performing Beard Oil but a beard butter or balm will also do.

Each has it’s benefits but a Beard Oil is especially helpful in preventing dryness and split ends in the hair follicles as it helps replace the natural oils we produce to keep our hair follicles moist.


4. Beard Brush/Comb

It doesn’t matter how long or short your beard is or whether you just started growing it today. Brushing or combing your beard helps train your beard to grow in the right direction and prepares your face for eventual hair growth.

Make sure the brush is not too harsh on your skin if your beard is still short.



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