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How Black Men Can Care for Hair & Beards During Lock-Down

aaron wallace south london barber

In the UK we are now nearing week 6 of lock down. With no clear exit plan in place, there is little in the form of clarity as to when we can all start planning our next trips to the Barbershop or what that would even look like as part of the “New Normal” we will all have to adapt to.

The closing of Barbershops has a profound effect on the black community for many reasons. Firstly, many are independently owned and rely heavily on their chairs being occupied at all times, so there is no telling what long-term damage this Pandemic will have on the Black Barbershop industry as a whole. But aside from this, Barbershops are the cornerstone of the Afro-Caribbean community. A trip to the barbershop goes beyond just getting a haircut, it is where we go to socialise, keep up with the latest news in the community and oftentimes it even serves as the place to go to unload all the stresses of daily life.

The closure of Barbershops will undoubtedly hit hard on all fronts, not least of all our hair care. We get many questions from customers asking what they can do to ensure their hair and beards stay healthy whilst the shops are closed.

Here are a few things that you can do at home to make sure your hair and beard stays nice and healthy.

  1. Be consistent: Do not drop the ball! To make it easier why not designate specific days and times for your hair and beard care.

  2. Shampoo: twice per week at least, making sure you wash out all the product build up.

  3. Condition: Everytime you shampoo your hair, you should be sure to condition it too. This helps reintroduce much needed hydration and nourishment back into your hair. Dryness is a huge cause for hair damage and as Black men, we are especially prone to this.

  4. Moisturise: Daily! Black hair is extremely prone to dryness. Our hair needs moisture and lots of it. Make sure you moisturise daily to prevent dryness and damage.

  5. Trim split ends: to avoid the split moving further down the hair shaft and causing more damage. This is much easier to do that you’ll realise. Our hair continues to grow as we move further and further away from our last trip to the Barbershops. As such it becomes important that you take care of the ends and cut of any split ends. Split ends can travel down the hair shaft causing further damage. 

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