Hair Care

How Black Men Can Avoid Dry Scalp


Dandruff indicates a dry scalp. When your scalp is dry it is much harder to get waves or have a clean finish to your haircut.

Waves are easier to obtain when your scalp is moisturized and soft. Healthy and well moisturized hair not only helps you get nice looking waves, it also helps make your haircut look fresh.

Dry scalp or dandruff is caused by the fact that your hair has been stripped of its natural oils. This happens when we shampoo our hair too much or when we do not shampoo our hair enough. You should aim to shampoo your hair once or twice per week with SLS-free shampoo.

Moisturizing daily!

Another cause of dry scalp is not moisturizing/oiling the scalp. You hair needs to be moisturized daily, whether you shampoo it or not, to replenish hydration that is lost through daily environmental conditions including things as simple as indoor heating.

A simple moisturizer can be applied to the roots of your hair to make your hair feel softer and help you avoid flakes and dry scalp. Apply a little moisturiser each day, especially when your hair feels dry or brittle to touch.


Avoid brushing your hair when it is dry as this could cause damage to the follicles and cause early breakage.

When combing or brushing, you should use a wide toothed comb or soft brush as this puts less stress on the strands and leads to less follicle damage