Beard Care


Just like the hair on your head, it’s important to stay on top of your beard cleanliness. Regular questions like how often should I wash my beard often arise. It doesn’t need to be a complicated routine but a wash once or twice a week is essential to maintaining a healthy beard.

You can use specialist beard shampoo and conditioners for this or use your regular shampoo, provided it does not contain any harsh chemicals as the skin on your face is more sensitive than your scalp.

If your beard is still very short, you can wash it as part of your face washing routine, using soap and water.

How To Wash

Apply beard wash or shampoo generously throughout your beard making sure you dig deep with your fingertips in order to reach the skin. This is essential to do as it will ensure the skin beneath your beard is left clean and hydrated. Keeping the skin underneath in optimum condition is vital to healthy beard growth.

Rinse with warm water making sure you move your hair in all directions so that everything is rinsed out thoroughly, leaving no washing products behind in your beard.

The temperature of the water matters, if it’s too hot you can dry out your skin which can impact the proper development of your beard. We recommend using lukewarm water at this stage as it will open up the pores allowing clogged up dirt to be cleaned out.

After all the beard wash or shampoo is gone you can use cold water for a final rinse to close the pores and leave you with that feeling of freshness and shine.

Drying Your Beard

Avoid using a hair dryer as this can cause heat damage and leave the beard feeling dry and brittle. Instead, pat your beard dry using a clean towel making sure to be gentle as you do so because a wet beard tends to be more delicate.

After Care

After your beard is nice and clean and no longer dripping with water, apply a drop of Beard Oil to lock in the moisture and give it a nice shine. Beard oils are very effective at softening the beard and once you’ve used it, you’ll realise that they are worth every penny.