black man shaving ingrown hair

How To Combat Ingrown Hair by Dr Wilson

Ingrown Hairs are a huge pain and as Black men, we are extremely prone to get them. We spoke to trained Trichologist (the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair), Dr Ingrid Wilson to better understand what exactly Ingrown Hairs are, what causes them, how to avoid them and how to cure them What are ingrown hair and is this the same as razor bumps? Ingrown hairs are hairs which haven’t been able to make it out of the...

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blakc man with afro textured hair and beard

Why Do Black Men Have Dry Scalp?

Because of our afro-textured hair, we are extremely prone to dryness. This is why black men need a lot more hydration to keep their hair healthy and to prevent getting a dry scalp, which is what ultimately leads to breakages. How can you recognise that you suffer from a dry scalp? Dandruff is your number one tell. Dandruff indicates a dry scalp. When your scalp is dry it is much harder to get waves or have a clean finish to your haircut, so...

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black man shaving using shaving foam and razor

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair or Razor Bumps

The question we often get is 'Can Razor Bumps or Ingrown Hairs be avoided?'To get straight to the point, yes, razor bumps can be prevented. The problem of razor bumps or ingrown hair is one faced by many, if not all black men who shave. It occurs when the hair curls back on itself and essentially grows back into the skin. The consequence is an inflammatory response that causes bumps, pus and in some cases discolouration. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimise the risk of developing painful and itchy razor bumps.

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Beards have long been known to keep a man warm, add character to his appearance and if you ask the ladies, known to add a flare of sexiness to him too. We have done a little digging to find the best beard growing tips out there for you, particularly tips that will help men with afro hair textures. So if you want to grow a fuller beard that is healthy and well maintained, follow these tips. Keep brushing! A common misconception amongst Black Men is that grooming is...

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Split ends will cause your beard to feel a lot more rough and probably incredibly uncomfortable. Not just to you but also to those who come in contact with it. Adding to that, split ends will ruin your whole look as it will make your beard appear unkempt and messy. What causes you to get split ends is your beard follicles becoming too coarse and brittle which leads to the tips of the follicles eventually fraying. You have these glands called Sebaceous Glands at the root of every beard follicle. These glands are...

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7 Tips For Washing Afro Hair

Afro hair is known to be coarse and thick with natural curls. Because of its thickness there is a common misconception that our hair is strong, when in fact our hair requires the most delicate care. Afro hair is much more prone to dryness and breakage, especially when not looked after properly. Start by understanding you hair type and its characteristics. Below are the 7 must know tips on how to wash Afro hair How often should you wash afro textured hair?

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We have all heard the term “black don’t crack”, and whilst it is true that black skin is less susceptible to wrinkling, it still comes with it’s own set of issues. For many black men, the idea of using products for their face and hair is still relatively new. For some even uncomfortable. However, it’s important to note that if you desire to keep your skin in optimum condition for a very very long time, you will have to start incorporating some kind of skincare routine. This all starts with understanding...

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