How Aaron Maintains a Fuller Beard and Healthy Hair

We spoke to our Founder, Aaron to learn more about what he does to maintain his healthy afro hair and grow a fuller, thicker beard. Here is what he has to say about his routine Aaron Starts With a Cleanse I always begin my routine with a cleanse. Using warm water I wet the hair (and beard) and then apply a small amount of Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Shampoo. Using my fingertips I give my scalp a massage to remove debris and also begin to gently...

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Black Male Grooming Brand Aaron Wallace Launches in Iconic Luxury Department Store, Liberty London

London, United Kingdom -Aaron Wallace today announces its launch into iconic Luxury retailer Liberty London. This partnership firmly cements Aaron Wallace’s place in the burgeoning male grooming market and brings much needed diversity to the sector. “Our partnership with Liberty London builds on our existing partnership with ASOS and helps further our mission to deliver quality grooming products, combined with a great shopping experience, to all Black men in the UK” says CEO and Co-founder, Aaron Wallace. “Diversity in male grooming is long overdue and...

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4 Ways for Black Men Protect Their Hair & Beard This Winter

The winter can be a harsh time for our skin but also for our hair and beard as Black men. In fact, there are studies that show that beards tend to grow slower during the winter time than it does during the summer time. For those of us with afro textured hair and bears the winter elements can be especially harsh.  As if taking care of afro hair and beards as a whole  is not labour intensive enough, we need to take extra care during...

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Aaron Wallace on ASOS

Aaron Wallace Launching on E-comm Giant ASOS!

Relationship further validates brand’s meteoric rise in popularity London, United Kingdom -- Black-owned, Black men’s haircare brand, Aaron Wallace, today announced availability for its premium products on ASOS, the global fashion and beauty e-tailer. The partnership opens the global market of 196 countries to the burgeoning brand. Founded in 2016, by former barber, Aaron Wallace, the company is one of the first independently owned Black hair care products featured in the ASOS Men’s Face and Body category. “Our partnership with ASOS is the next natural step in...

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black barbershop

Black History Month – Afro Hair Through The Years

Black afro hair has been an integral feature of black history - from African tribal styles to dreadlocks and the afro. In this post, we explore the rich history that is behind our hair and our styles. In early African civilisations, hairstyles could indicate a person's family background, tribe and social status. "Just about everything about a person's identity could be learned by looking at the hair," says journalist Lori Tharps, who co-wrote the book Hair Story about the history of black hair.

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black man bald with beard

3 Ways For Black Men to Avoid Hair Loss

As Black men we take a lot of pride in our appearances and this includes our hair. As such, most of us fear losing our hair and do everything we can to stop this from happening. The fact is, hair loss is a part of life and a part of the aging process, meaning it is an inevitability. However, this does not mean that there aren’t ways to slow down the process and in some cases completely prevent early hair loss. Depending on the causing factor, there are different techniques that can be applied.

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black man with afro and hand on chin with a goatee

How Black Men Can Grow Thicker Hair

Hair is something that needs nurturing, patience and a lot of effort. Particularly when it comes to Black men’s hair. Did you know that hair grows on average ½ inch per month, without you even doing anything. So in essence, at the bare minimum, all you have to do is protect your hair from damage and breakage in order to promote growth. Building on this, adopting a consistent hair care routine will further boost your hair growth. How...

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black seed oil for afro hair in a bowl

3 Reasons Black Seed Oil Is Perfect For Black Men’s Hair

When we formed Aaron Wallace we knew we wanted to create something special, so we dedicated ourselves to researching and finding the best natural ingredients with known benefits for Afro Hair. This led us to the discovery of the famed Black Seed Oil. Almost mythical in nature it is commonly referred to as Nigella Sativa, and known as “The cure for everything except death” due to its amazing health benefits. Black Seed Oil has been used for thousands of years for healing and medicinal purposes, having been mentioned by Greek...

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blakc man with afro textured hair and beard

Why Do Black Men Have Dry Scalp?

Because of our afro-textured hair, we are extremely prone to dryness. This is why black men need a lot more hydration to keep their hair healthy and to prevent getting a dry scalp, which is what ultimately leads to breakages. How can you recognise that you suffer from a dry scalp? Dandruff is your number one tell. Dandruff indicates a dry scalp. When your scalp is dry it is much harder to get waves or have a clean finish to your haircut, so...

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older black man with grey hair and grey beard

8 Tips for Black Men with Grey Hair & Beards

Getting grey hair is inevitable and although for many black men having grey hair feels like a sign of maturity, wisdom, dignity and power, for some it is viewed as an unwelcome sign of ageing. Whatever your feelings are towards having grey hair, making sure you take good care of them is going to make a huge difference to their appearance. We often get asked how to take care of grey hair and what products to use to keep it healthy. Grey hair does require a different approach to care and here...

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