black man with beard and short afro hair

7 Vitamins & Nutrients For Better Hair Growth

There are thousands of blogs and products that are geared towards improving healthy black hair growth and while many are true and will indeed go a long way to improving hair growth. Never forget that it all starts from the inside. Hair, just like the rest of your body depends on specific vitamins and minerals to grow and remain healthy. What you eat matters a lot when it comes to hair growth. Below is a list of 5 best vitamins for hair growth and 3 nutrients you should include in your diet to improve your...

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How To Comb Your Hair Properly

When it comes to grooming your hair and beard the key thing to remember is that combing is for detangling and styling. Brushing is for stimulating the scalp and improving the look and feel of your hair. This matters no matter how long or short your hair is. Ok, remember that  and let’s dive a little deeper. All too often in the barber shop and at home I’ve seen folks tak an Afro comb and simply yank it through their hair, this can be extremely damaging. Our coily hair often interlocks...

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