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Black-Owned Hair Care Brand Aaron Wallace Takes Home Ask Men’s 2020 Grooming Award for Best All-Natural Beard Oil

Best Beard Oil

London, United Kingdom [October 19, 2020] – Ask Men, an international men’s lifestyle outlet, released its 2020 best-of grooming product awards, where Black-owned men’s haircare brand Aaron Wallace’s all-natural beard oil took home gold in its category.

Aaron Wallace’s line of premium hair and skincare products blend natural ingredients like mango, shea, castor and coconut that replenish moisture without stripping away hair’s natural oils. Their unique formula strengthens even the coarsest of hair types whilst drawing attention to a demographic often forgotten by a multi-billion dollar grooming product industry. 

As the beard craze peaked and self-care positioned as essential at the pandemic’s onset, Aaron saw an opportunity to even the playing field for all men.

Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Oil
Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Oil

“It’s an honour to win best beard oil amongst the world’s best grooming products,” Aaron says. “The mission, first and foremost, was to deliver a premium product to Black men who don’t see themselves represented in a multi-billion-dollar grooming market. I count this as a win for the people.”

The fight to abolish hair-based discrimination – which disproportionately affects people of colour – challenges policies, microaggressions, and beauty industry standards. Aaron’s line not only helps to restore hair to a healthy state, but it also restores pride in being born with textured hair and gives users the confidence to wear it and own it. Aaron plans to continue leading the charge by developing and expanding his product offerings into the US and through partnerships with major online retailers.

About Aaron Wallace

Aaron Wallace is a hair and skincare line tailored for Afro and textured hair and has been in the market for over three years. Our unique formula containing all-natural ingredients cleanses the hair without stripping out natural oils, strengthening even the coarsest of hair types while drawing attention to a demographic often forgotten by a multi-billion dollar grooming product industry. Our goal is to offer Black men and men with textured hair, a solution that they can be confident in and eventually expand our product line to cover all their grooming needs. Shop for products on

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