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Patchy Beard? 3 Important Things You Should Know

The beard is here to stay, many black men rock it and seem to do so effortlessly. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a straightforward journey to attaining a full, thick and healthy beard. If you have a patchy beard, areas that seem to refuse to grow any facial hair, there could be a range of reasons for it. Truth is, not all beards will grow the same, this will differ from one person to the next. Adding to that, beards rarely grow evenly across your own face, which is why trimming is a thing.

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30 Day Beard Growth Plan for First Time Growers

Growing a beard is for the dedicated and consistent of men amongst us. We at Aaron Wallace are big believers in team #BeardGang. One of the many questions we often get from customer is: How do I start growing my beard? To help you on the way, we have put together a handy 30-day plan you can instantly implement so that you too can be the proud owner of a thick, healthy and full beard. Let’s start with an inventory check list, these are the must have products for...

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How Black Men Can Care for Hair & Beards During Lock-Down

In the UK we are now nearing week 6 of lock down. With no clear exit plan in place, there is little in the form of clarity as to when we can all start planning our next trips to the Barbershop or what that would even look like as part of the “New Normal” we will all have to adapt to. The closing of Barbershops has a profound effect on the black community for many reasons. Firstly, many are independently owned and rely heavily on their chairs being occupied at all...

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5 Signs Your Hair/Beard is Healthy and Strong

The most damaged hair is easy to spot but how do you know that what you’re doing works? How can you tell that your hair is healthy? or at least on the right track. Healthy afro textured hair has tell-tale signs that indicate whether your hair is healthy or damaged. When black hair is healthy, it becomes stronger and this leads to less breakage. Here are the 5 signs to look out for when checking the health status of your hair. 1. Shrinkage Although many...

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Why All Black Men Need Hair Conditioners

Washing your hair is important and black men should try to make sure they shampoo their hair at least twice a week to prevent product build up, which in turn affects your hair growth. What often gets overlooked is the importance of conditioning your afro textured hair. Ideally you should be conditioning it daily, either using a washout or leave-in conditioner. The reason conditioners are so essential to black hair is because it locks in much needed moisture, nourishes the follicles and repairs/prevents damage to the hair. Afro hair is...

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7 Vitamins & Nutrients For Better Hair Growth

There are thousands of blogs and products that are geared towards improving healthy black hair growth and while many are true and will indeed go a long way to improving hair growth. Never forget that it all starts from the inside. Hair, just like the rest of your body depends on specific vitamins and minerals to grow and remain healthy. What you eat matters a lot when it comes to hair growth. Below is a list of 5 best vitamins for hair growth and 3 nutrients you should include in your diet to improve your...

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How To Comb Your Hair Properly

When it comes to grooming your hair and beard the key thing to remember is that combing is for detangling and styling. Brushing is for stimulating the scalp and improving the look and feel of your hair. This matters no matter how long or short your hair is. Ok, remember that  and let’s dive a little deeper. All too often in the barber shop and at home I’ve seen folks tak an Afro comb and simply yank it through their hair, this can be extremely damaging. Our coily hair often interlocks...

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1. GeneticsThe first thing to note when it comes to growing longer, stronger and healthier hair is that genetics often plays a huge part. Remember that kid in school who came into year 7 with a full beard and a voice deeper than hale the male teachers?Well that same hormone we get a boost of during puberty regulates a number of functions in men and plays a huge part in hair growth. It’s why some of us are able to have a clean shave and wake up the next day with o'clock stubble and the rest of us (myself...

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It Is no secret that afro hair is different. The look and feel are strong indicators of that fact. Taking care of Afro hair is not difficult but requires a good understanding of what works and what is damaging to afro hair. This means that the way in which we take care of our hair is different. It’s Dry We’ve all heard that black hair in general is drier than other hair, but why?  This is mostly because of the curls in our hair. The natural oils that...

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How Black Men Can Avoid Dry Scalp

Dandruff! Dandruff indicates a dry scalp. When your scalp is dry it is much harder to get waves or have a clean finish to your haircut. Waves are easier to obtain when your scalp is moisturized and soft. Healthy and well moisturized hair not only helps you get nice looking waves, it also helps make your haircut look fresh. Dry scalp or dandruff is caused by the fact that your hair has been stripped of its natural oils. This happens when we shampoo our hair...

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