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7 Tips For Washing Afro Hair

Afro hair is known to be coarse and thick with natural curls. Because of its thickness there is a common misconception that our hair is strong, when in fact our hair requires the most delicate care. Afro hair is much more prone to dryness and breakage, especially when not looked after properly. Start by understanding you hair type and its characteristics.

Below are the 7 must know tips on how to wash Afro hair

How often should you wash afro textured hair?

Our hair tends to be much longer than it looks because of the curls. The sebum glands can’t produce enough natural oils to keep the hair thoroughly moisturise, which is why washing too often will only serve to dry out your hair as it strips away the natural oils. We recommend washing a maximum of once or twice a week.

How to keep your hair clean between washes

If you want, you can use dry shampoo and a comb or brush to clean your hair in between washes. You can also use water and a good conditioner like our Mango Butter + Black Seed Conditioner to rinse away excess dirt. 

Best way to wash longer afro hair

If you have long hair, wash it in sections starting from the scalp and moving your way up the hairs. One section at a time. This is to avoid causing major tangles as the curls tend to interlock especially when they’re wet.

Make sure you use a conditioner

After shampooing your hair, try to condition your hair. This will help put moisture into the strands and protect against breakage caused by excessive dryness.

How to dry afro hair

After you have washed and conditioned your hair avoid rubbing it dry with a towel as this will cause your hair to tangle. Instead you should blot it dry.

Try to avoid using a blowdryer as the heat will remove the surface water and dry your hair to the point of being susceptible to damage

Coconut Oil is great for afro-textured hair

At this point it can be a good idea to apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner, moisturizer or oil to the hair. We are big fans of using Coconut Oil, which is why we have included this in our Hair & Beard Moisturizer with Mango Butter + Blackseed Oil. This should be massaged through the hair in much the same manner as the shampoo, working from the scalp to the tips in small sections. This will help prepare for brushing and/or styling.

Educate yourself on your hair

The key thing to do is learn which products are best for your specific hair type. Try to use products that are made for use on curly/coily hair and that are designed to add moisture.