Beard Care, Skin Care


Beards have long been known to keep a man warm, add character to his appearance and if you ask the ladies, known to add a flare of sexiness to him too.

We have done a little digging to find the best beard growing tips out there for you, particularly tips that will help men with afro hair textures. So if you want to grow a fuller beard that is healthy and well maintained, follow these tips.

  1. Keep brushing! 
    A common misconception amongst Black Men is that grooming is not necessary until the beard has actually grown – wrong! Your hair follicles need to be trained in preparation for your beard. Getting them ready and healthy is key. This can be accomplished by brushing your face in the direction you want your beard to grow and by applying the right products that are effective in creating the optimum beard growing environment.
  2. Under your nose!
    Too many men neglect to take care of this area of the face when they start to grow their beards. Keep in mind that when someone is looking directly at you, their eyes are likely to shift towards your mouth/nose area when you’re talking, so do not forget to trim this area. And your nose hairs too.This will have a dramatic impact on the look of your entire beard.
  3. The scruffy look needs work too!
    We know how popular the scruffy look is and while we understand that this is the desired effect, this too takes effort on your part. To prevent your scruffy beard look getting lost in a sea of stray hairs, make sure you trim the area underneath your beard (neck and under chin)
  4. Give it time!
    Be patient. It’s one of the hardest things to do, especially when a man already has a beard and you keep wanting to get it trimmed up. Sometimes the best and healthiest thing to do is to wait for the beard to grow back a little more, THEN get it trimmed again. If you keep trimming it, it could be getting smaller and thinner, not to mention the wear and tear on your skin. So waiting a few extra days can help.
  5. Know your shape!
    Last but not least, know the shape of your face. does a more rounded beard look better on you? Perhaps your face calls for a more sharp, straight-lined beard. What about your cheek bones? Does your face need a high beard or a low beard. A trained barber should be able to help you. Keep in mind that not every beard looks good on every face.