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5 Hairstyle Ideas for Black Men Using Twists

afro hairstyles for men

We have been looking at some hairstyle trends and have created a short-list of 5 hairstyles for Black men that incorporate twists.

Afro hair textures are particularly prone to breakages, which is why maintaining a healthy and consistent care routine is essential. However, this can sometimes be time consuming. Keeping your hair in certain hairstyles will not only help save time but also help maintain the health of your hair for a little while.

1. Twist Out

Twist Out for Black Men

The twist out is so popular because it gives you an effortlessly cool appearance. It’s a casual and laidback style with less structure than other types of twists. Even better, the twist out emphasizes the natural volume of curls. The result is that it looks like you have more hair. To get a twist out, start by moisturizing your hair and then create two-strand twists, and leave the style to set overnight. The next day, unravel the twists.

2. Medium-length and Long Twists

long twists for black men

Medium length hair is ideal for the twist hairstyle because it’s long enough to show the definition of each twisted section. It is also heavier than short hair, meaning your twists will naturally fall similar to braids. You can put a fresh touch on medium hair twists by dividing the sections differently, creating patterns with the skin that’s exposed. Boxes, skull pattern, and triangle are all popular choices.

3. High Top with Twists

hairstyle ideas for black men

The high top – also known as a hi-top or high top fade – involves shaving the hair very short on the sides while leaving the top long. In the classic ’80s version of the style, the top section is shaped to be flat. However, today men are getting more creative with their high top. One option is to add twists to the top section. The style works best if you have very thick hair and a lot of it.

4. Thick Twists

thick twists for black men

Also known as chunky twists, thick twists are for men who want to stand out from the crowd. While you will need to have thick hair to create the style, it doesn’t have to be very long – thick twists also look good on short and medium length hair. Guys who want a more traditional African look can try adding gold-toned rings or other decorative elements to the twists.

5. Bleached or Coloured Twists

bleached twists for black men

Bleached and partially bleached hair has been making a comeback for black men, inspired by stars like footballer Odell Beckham Jr. Adding bleach to the tips of your twists is one way to shake up your usual style and to ensure all eyes will be on you. It also makes it easier to try other colors, like red, in the future as your hair won’t have its natural dark pigment.

What other hairstyle ideas for Black men can you think of? Share them with us in the comments below

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