Beard Care


Everyone is busy joining #BeardGang and to most it seems like it’s as simple as ‘stop shaving your beard’. Yet, to some it’s proving to be a much bigger challenge. Why is that?

Why is it that for some men the beard seems to just grow with minimal effort and for others the struggle is endless.

Well, we have listed the 3 main reasons why yours is probably not growing as fast as you’d like. Follow these steps and soon you can be a proud member of the #BeardGang too.

1.Poor Maintenance

The impact a structured maintenance routine can have on beard growth is often underestimated. It’s important to get into a routine and then stick to this routine consistently. Remember it takes TIME to grow a thick, full and healthy beard.

Keep your skin clean. Clean skin encourages the small hairs to grow. Use warm water and a mild cleanser on a daily basis to clean the skin. Adding a weekly exfoliation session will really help boost hair growth. Exfoliating the skin will remove dead skin, clear pores and stimulate new hair growth. 

If you have a beard already, be sure to wash and shampoo this once or twice a week. 

Keep your skin and beard moisturized. Moisturized skin creates a better environment for beard growth.

2.Shaping or Cutting your beard

If you want your beard to grow quickly you have to resist the urge to trim or shape your beard. Don’t buy into the myth that shaving regularly will make the hairs grow back thicker and quicker, there is no research to support this. Besides, trimming only reduces the amount of hair on your face. Try to leave it alone for at least 4-6 weeks while it growth, after which you can go for a little shape up. 

Instead of cutting your beard, what you should do, regardless of the stage you’re at, is trim split ends. Like the hair on your head, scraggly split ends prevent your hair from growing to its full potential.

3.Diet and lifestyle

Yes, your diet and lifestyle can and does impact your hair growth. Supplements like Biotin can help hair and nail growth. Incorporating Vitamin B in your diet and beauty products also helps a great deal (Vitamin b1, B6 and B12 are especially good for hair growth). Without proper nutrients in your body, you will begin to slow down the production of hair so also increase your intake of Beta-Cartone, Vitamin C, Flax Seed Oil, Vitamin C and Nettle.

Be sure to eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole nuts as they contain tons of nutrients that are beneficial for more than just hair growth.

Stress and lack of sleep are also not good for aspiring #BeardGang members. Sleep helps damaged skin cells repair themselves and promotes healthy beard growth. Whilst reducing stress will also benefit growth, hair grows quicker when you are rested, relaxed and stress free.

Bottom line, educate yourself on what works and what doesn’t but most importantly make a conscious effort to groom your beard.